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The Desert Squatch - Episode I

The Desert Squatch sat cross legged in the sand with his arms resting comfortably in his lap. Loon gazed at the top of the squatch’s head and guessed it was roughly seven feet above the ground despite the great ape sitting down. The beast’s long orange hair draped over massive lean and powerful limbs. He gently raised his giant right hand, pointed to the sun, and said,

“The sun shines on all beings. Indiscriminately. Unconditionally.”

Slowly, he rested his hand back in his lap and a faint smile touched his face. Once again the squatch had spoken without moving his mouth. Inside their skulls, the deep basso voice sounded like it was echoing from the depths of an immense cave. Loon looked over to Moxi. With a slight nod, Moxi confirmed that he was still hearing the voice too. They exchanged a glance that revealed their mutual feeling of lassitude. The desert sun bore down on them in a 105 degree heat. Hours had rolled by like the drips of sweat off their chins. But Moxi and Loon were invested—they agreed long ago to endure the heat as long as this squatch wanted to sit and talk. The Desert Squatch continued,

“Remember this, and know that you shine just the same. For you are the sun. Light plays many tricks, and its greatest trick of all is its very convincing disguise—what you call matter.”

Upon saying this, the Desert Squatch flickered. His entire body vanished, leaving a silhouette of brilliant white light before reappearing in the same instant. Loon blinked and rubbed his eyes, noticing that he was now also seeing stars in the sky penetrating the light of day. He looked at Moxi, who begun flickering as well.

“This is getting squirrely…” Loon whispered to himself.

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