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Rocktober & Mo'vember Shows

We're back into full swing! Our return performance at Til Two Club on 10/16 was a blast, we are so grateful to everyone who came out and packed the place. Nick's back is back in action and we're back on track to crack yo' shack. I'm writing this post from a creek under a bridge and no one can stop me from committing these heinous rhymes. Come fight me at one of the following shows we've got coming down the tube:

11/5 @ Til Two Club w/ Windows, Spit Vipers & Sgt. Papers

11/11 @ PourHouse Oceanside w/ Julia Blair, The Graham Hunt Band & The Howls

11/21 @ The Casbah w/ Stony Sugar Skull & Smiling

In other news, merch! Here's a photo sent to us by one of our favorite fans:

Now, this was pretty inspiring because it opened up a barrel of ideas for the versatility of our merch. Our friend claims that he got so jacked in the past month that the shirt doesn't fit him anymore, but we all know that he's using our shirt to cover up the safe in his wall filled with stolen Egyptian artifacts. So in case you find yourself in a similar situation, I've written a list for all the different ways to use our merch. Feel free to write back any other ideas you might have, and DM us on Instagram if you need more multifaceted shwag.

  1. Shirt

  2. Cheesecloth

  3. Grocery Bag (tie a knot at the waist)

  4. Ninja Mask

  5. Foot wrap to cover up your foot prints when you're doing Ninja stuff

  6. Tourniquet for when you get wounded doing Ninja stuff

And that's it! Thanks for reading, much love everyone.

-Jake (M&L)

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