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Intramural Weather

Emotions percolate

through mind and body

like the weather--

born from the amalgam

of inner and outer worlds

merging and colliding

In the affair of forces

beyond our control

we carry a gift

like a fledgling in our palms--

growing with mindful breath

like an ember in the tinder

in the space between moments

when we see the reflection

of the space within ourselves

we find the gift

of response

In the howling tumult

and rip of a tornado

we find the stone within

and become stillness

In the torrential grief

that pours from the sky

we find our roots within

and become nourished

In the piercing cold

of an ephemeral winter

we find the fire within

and become resilient

In embodiment of light touch

In alignment of centered breath

We respond

Become the meridian

connecting polarities

and remember unicity

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