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Moxi & Loon 



Moxi & Loon are a rock duo based in San Diego, comprised by Moxi (Nick Fulsher) on drums and Loon (Jake Jarz) on guitar/vocals. 

With a highly adrenalized stage presence, Moxi & Loon dish out deceptively large waves of sound and energy despite their two-piece approach.

Characterized by elements of dirty blues, desert rock, and psychedelia, Moxi & Loon conjure an original spine-shaking rock n' roll experience. 


Fond Memories

  • The Casbah, San Diego CA

  • The Holding Company, San Diego CA

  • Winston's, San Diego CA

  • Black Cat Bar, San Diego CA

  • Metl Bar, San Diego CA

  • Vin de Syrah, San Diego CA

  • Amplified Backstage, San Diego CA

  • 710 Beach Club, San Diego CA

  • Til Two Club, San Diego CA

  • The Range, Slab City CA

  • Neck of the Woods, San Francisco CA

  • Crazy Horse Saloon, Nevada City CA

  • Winter's Tavern, Pacifica CA

  • Burlington Bar, Chicago IL

  • The Cactus Club, Milwaukee WI

  • Mortimer's, Minneapolis MN

  • The Badlander, Missoula MT

VAN JAMS #popupandplay

  • Skooliepalooza 2019, Quartzsite AZ

  • Cliff Cruise 2019, Griffin-Pinchot National Forest WA

  • Skooliepalooza 2020, Ehrenberg AZ

  • AdVANture Island 2020, Quartzsite AZ



Moxi: 414-517-6917 Loon: 815-768-9115

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