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Moxi & Loon 



Moxi and Loon are a two-piece heavy rock band, comprised by Moxi (Nick Fulsher) on drums and Loon (Jake Jarz) on guitar/vocals. 

Moxi and Loon are the names given to Nick and Jake while they were detained in a CIA-operated underground bunker in Quartzsite, AZ. For almost a decade they were subjects of secret human-animal hybrid testing programs. After escaping in January of 2019, they stole a Ram cargo van and a Chevy G20, which they have since used for performing free outdoor rock shows across the southwestern United States. 

This two-piece brings a full-bodied electric, primal stomp to the stage. Inspired by an alchemical cocktail of dirty blues, desert rock, and psychedelia, Moxi and Loon conjure an original spine-shaking rock n' roll experience. 

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Moxi: 414-517-6917 Loon: 815-768-9115

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